What is Survey Solutions?

Survey Solutions is free software developed in the Data group of The World Bank.

Capture any type of data with ease

Design your surveys with a full range of standard questions, utilize nested rosters and answer piping, cascading and linked questions, scan barcodes, capture pictures and audio and record information from external sensors.

Secure and scalable

Survey Solutions server components can be installed on the server in your premises or in a cloud.

Control quality of your data

Validate your answers and direct the interview flow with the power of .Net; use macros, calculated variables and lookup tables to construct sophisticated data validation algorithms. Monitor survey progress in real time by analyzing rich paradata.

Ultimate flexibility and customization

Develop systems of automated quality controls, connect Survey Solutions with external databases, design custom dashboards and reports using rich set of REST APIs.

CAPI/CAWI/CATI and mixed modes

Collect your data offline on tablets (CAPI), online using web-interface (CAWI), capture phone interviews (CATI), and conduct cost efficient mixed mode surveys.


Collect detailed GIS information on locations, distances, and areas, apply geofencing and guide interviewers to the point of interview offline using high resolution satellite images and built-in GPS receivers.

Globally trusted platform for data collection

Survey Solutions is used by data collecting agencies in countries

Questionnaire Designer

  • Develop complex questionnaires in several languages.
  • Collaborate with colleagues on refining your instrument.
  • Quickly identify problems and get guidance from a powerful compiler.
  • Test questionnaires online and on tablets.
  • Produce richly formatted PDF documents for documentation and quality assurance review.

Public Demo Server

Take your survey for a test drive on the demo server.

  • Survey Management.
  • Data Aggregation and Export.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Reporting functionality of Survey Solutions.

Knowledge base

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Guide software development through feedback and feature requests.

Our clients and partners

National Statistical Offices, NGOs, Universities, Think Tanks, Private Survey Firms

Survey Solutions user survey

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